7 reasons why you MUST have your own info product

Think about this: What is the number one reason people get online everyday? The answer is simple – they’re looking for information. This is so ubiquitous a quest that Google handles 400 million queries a day! Why should you care? It means that you have a massive opportunity to give people exactly what they’re looking for – information. And to earn some cash for doing it!

Info marketing explained

First, understand that this is the simplest kind of business there is. You create a product that provides information. And other people buy this product to get the info. It couldn’t get much simpler.

But how does it all work?

OK, the concept is simple. But to make it a successful business you’ve got to provide information people want. So step one is to discover what kind of info people want. How do figure that out?

One very simple method is to do a little research. Visit answers.yahoo.com or similar sites and look at the questions being asked there. You want to find something a lot of people are asking about. That people are having trouble solving. And provide the answer – in the form of an info product.

An encouraging word

Don’t worry! Info product creation is easy… Put it this way: An ebook is nothing more than a collection of articles. So instead of sitting down to write the whole thing. Just try to write one or two articles a day. And when you have a collection, flesh them out, add to them and combine them into a single ebook.

Why info products? Funny you should ask . . . Here are the seven reasons

1. Ease

Once it’s built it runs pretty much on it’s own. There is almost no support. So you can just set it up and let it run. You’re building a completely automated business.

You don’t have any inventory. You don’t have to ship anything. It’s digital.

2. Product combos

Once you have a few info products created. You can put together bigger more expensive information products. It’s very easy to package multiple ebooks together as one new one. Then you can sell it for a lot more. Your customers will gladly pay more for a single bigger ebook. Versus multiple smaller ones.

3. Private label right

When you own the product, you can sell resell rights to it. Recently, resell rights have become extremely popular, because most people simply don’t have the time, money and effort it takes to create their own products. And what’s more you get to charge two to three time as much for these rights.

4. Leverage

Leverage your ebook by using the content in different ways. Take parts of your info product and turn it into a email training series. And build an email list that you can sell other products to.

5. More leverage

You can also take parts of your ebook and turn it into smaller eBooks. Then use these to generate leads for the main product. You can make these low cost or even free. And it still benefits you because it in a lead-in for the main product. And if you’re really clever, you’ll let your affiliate use these reports as marketing tools. Wait, did I say “affiliates”?

6. An affiliate army

This is one of the biggest reasons of all. When you own your own products. Other people can become your affiliates. Imagine having 100’s or 1000’s of other people promoting your products. You’ve got to have your own products to have affiliates.

7. Joint Ventures

OK, this is by far the biggest reason why. The number one way to launch your success is through joint ventures. So, I’d say this is the most important reason to have you own products. No products of your own = no way to do joint ventures.


If you can’t see the power of info product marketing, then you’re either crazy or not listening. 😉 You’ll be the master of your destiny. Because it’s your business and you control it. So, don’t waste any more time:

  • Go to answers.yahoo.com
  • Find out what people need to know
  • Start providing information

Don’t make info product creation any more complicated than that. Before you know it, you’ll have your own info product.