Affiliate Marketing Revised

OK, forget everything you know about affiliate marketing. Everything you’ve been taught is simply out of date. And if you don’t change your tactics, you cannot survive.

The promise

You’ve been told it’s easy to get started as an affiliate. And it is – sort of. It’s far easier that developing, selling and supporting your own product. But “easier” doesn’t mean “easy”.

The cold hard truth

To top it off you’ve been given false information. You’ve been told to find quality products. Next to look for easy keywords to target. Then buy some keyword ads that send traffic to the product. And sit back and collect the profits. But it doesn’t work.

Don’t bother with keywords

There was a time when this worked. But the competition has shot the price of keywords through the roof. So, throw it all away.

A better way

All is not lost. Here’s how to win at this game.

  • Get into CPA marketing
  • Utilize demographics data
  • Market on display networks

Get into CPA marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s so much easier than promoting products. Because your visitor doesn’t have to buy anything. You get paid when they take an “action”. Like completing a survey. And it’s much easier to get them to do that.

Instead of researching keywords, research demographics

Keywords are no longer relevant (you’ll see in a minute). Invest your research time into demographics. Once you’ve picked the CPA offer to promote. Then hop over to And find your target demographic.

Market on display networks

So you know what your promoting and you know who will be interested. Display networks allow you to target demographics with your ads. And use images as your ads. And you don’t need to know or buy a single keyword. The biggest advantage is price. Display networks charge a fraction for image ad clicks vs. keyword ads.


This is a great way to make money fast. Because it’s free to get started in CPA. It’s much cheaper to do image ads than keyword ads. Display networks let you do demographics targeting. And you get paid for having them take a simple action.