Beach IM Biz2

So what can you do from the beach?

Since I’ve been here I’ve researched a domain name (Godaddy app), gone online and read some more tutorials from one of the systems I recently bought, checked my biz email and am now updating one of my many blogs.

With a Smartphone or iPhone you can actually get a fair bit done while soaking in Vitamin D and getting tanned.

This would be my perfect summer day:
– spend from 7:30am-12:30pm doing the necessary office work, analytics, customer support and working on new ideas
– grab a portable lunch and head down to the local beach (I live in a Oceanside city so it is 14 mins to the beach)
– work for am hour on business items I can do while mobile
– when I get too hot or tired of the heat, go home, open a bottle of red wine and brainstorm what my next project could be

Sounds good, eh?

Bizonabeach guy!


Self-employed designer, IT and home businessman that is tired of coughing up TONS of my hard earned money for junk, reworked old ebooks/PLR, programs and systems that DON'T work and a lot of worthless or outdated information. It is time to fight back and offer a bit of help to the newbie home worker/internet marketer to give them a bit of background information to help them sort out the poor choices from the successful ideas.

One thought on “Beach IM Biz2

  • August 15, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Oh yeah… you forgot to mention that it’s actually FUN to work and also that you can still make a decent living while doing just that type of work.
    Lucky us, eh?

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