Beach Internet Marketing Biz

So here I am again on my little piece of heaven where the only thing to hear is the odd seagull or bald eagle and the waves. And what do you think I’m doing…?

Blogging via my iPhone, studying some printed manuals and planning out tomorrow.

You see I have started 3 (yup… three) new online projects. I won’t call them businesses till I see some results. But as soon as I do I’ll report them here for you to see and then let you make a decision on whether they are worth purchasing. I promise to give you an honest opinion and get it to you ASAP.

I’ll be the guinea pig so to speak. The 3 opportunities are all recent ClickBank issues with solid guarantees.

I should see results in the next 2-3 days so stay tuned.


Self-employed designer, IT and home businessman that is tired of coughing up TONS of my hard earned money for junk, reworked old ebooks/PLR, programs and systems that DON'T work and a lot of worthless or outdated information. It is time to fight back and offer a bit of help to the newbie home worker/internet marketer to give them a bit of background information to help them sort out the poor choices from the successful ideas.