My Top Ten List of Sneaky IM Tactics and Tricks

Ok, I’ve mentioned this elsewhere and want to get this off my chest finally…

We’ve all seen them, all fallen for them and then either kicked our own butts or smacked our foreheads for actually being that dense for being duped, right? I mean how many times will you bite on that first price only to go back later, cancel the page and see a NEW lower price offer? Yah, you know what I am talking about don’t you? So here is the first 2 of my Top 10 List of Dastardly Marketing Tactics

Top 10 List of Dastardly Marketing Tactics

  1. Cancel Page Offers Lower Price – Click the page exit and you will be shown that nifty warning “Click Cancel and I’ll show you a NEW offer that is $XX cheaper!” pop-up.
    (I once saw one product that if you kept cancelling you could go from $47 all the way down, after three new offers, to $9.95 and I got so mad that I emailed the author about it… didn’t get a reply… what did you think I would?)
    This ticks me off because if they can afford to sell the darn product for $9.95 then why the heck don’t they offer that first. To me I would rather sell 100 products at the $9.95 price than ONE product at the over priced $47. What do you think?
  2. The “Only 200 Of These Will Be SOLD!” ploy – Most of those extra long,  drawn out, blah-blah-blah sales pages have at the bottom the urgent warning that you have to be quick to  grab one TODAY as we may sell out… hmmm….
    1. It is a a digital product… why would they sell out
    2. They probably have 100’s of affiliates selling the same product. There is no way of preventing them from selling 200 each (which then would mean that eventually they could actually sell 200,000 or more!)
    3. If you go back to the same page 1-2 months later… hey… guess what it still says “Only 200(crossed out) 179 left”

So there you have the first 2 of the Top 10 Dastardly Marketing Tactics. Let me know what you have to say on this in the comments. Are you just as tired as I am being thought of as lemmings or buying zombies?

You know what the real problem with this is… the darn things WORK… Trust me they would not use them if they did not sell more product. Right??


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