Top Ten Tricky Tactics – Part 4

7 – Make Money In 3 DAYS!

How can they blatantly lie about this? |Actually they may be telling the truth, they just are choosing A) their words wisely and B) to leave out the important facts-

  • Such as that it takes 3 UPSELLS to get the software and support needed to make the “Money in 2 hrs/28 minutes/3 days promise” work, usually at 5-10X the original cost of the package
  • Such as that you need to take 3 WEEKS to set the damn thing up… that is if you CAN set it up without getting expensive help and whether you don’t just give up half way there
  • Such as that you need to purchase expensive items ($$$ Adsense, keyword tools, traffic packages, etc) to make it all happen

The other sales copy that goes with this is similarily bizarre. One email I opened today said the following:

  • Instantly creating a job crushing income from less than 30 minutes a day of work
  • Quitting your job within 7 days…
  • Just a few dollars needed
  • If you don’t make at least $1,000 in the first 7 days then they’re going to hand you a $100 for giving it a shot.

Guess what… I bought it (paid the full $37 instead of trying to click off the site and getting $10 cheaper… DOH!). I also opted for the $300 coaching system (I’ve tried for 4 days to contact my “coach” who seems to have disappeared… Double DOH!!). And on top of that complete seemly loss of willpower, I also went for the “Premium Instant Blog” which was advertised as being set up and ready to go within 24hrs and is now scheduled for at least 2 weeks from now…. TRIPLE DOH!)

I’ve spent so far almost $360 on a coaching program where the coach doesn’t answer emails, a autoblogging system where the 2nd of 6 videos on how to setup/use/capitalize their program is AWOL with a message “we’re working on the audio problem” (that was 7 days ago!) and an “Instant” blog that will be set up for me in hopefully another 2 weeks.

Do I have a big “S” on my forehead or WHAT?? (Sucker, Stupid, Senseless… you fill in the blank).

I wonder how long it will take to get my $100 guarantee fulfilled?

I think ClickBank is going to ban me from buying things soon as they are going to get pretty tired about my requests for refunds!

8 – The Cannibalism and Selling Of Souls Routine

How many times has there been one product launch and then your inbox is FLOODED (if you are anything like me you subscribe to a whack of top marketers, gurus and movers/shakers on the ‘Net) with offers/bonuses/freebies/gimmicks trying to convince you to buy someone else’s product through their link?

Don’t you find it interesting that some of these “super affiliates” make MORE money selling their buddies systems as they do selling their own… and if you think of it their buddies do the same for them.

It’s like, “let’s start a club… put together some overpriced, not very easy to use, glossy looking system… that is usually RE-packaged 1 year old stuff… and if you sell mine I’ll sell yours”.

Basically it really boils down to who can spend the most amount of money “outsourcing to some 3rd world country” to create the glitziest, glossiest, most glamorous packaging on a $20 product… turn it in to a $198 package… throw in some bonuses that were around last year as big sellers and then create the sales copy that is almost as long as the actual report/ebook that you are puchasing… and VOILA! you have a mega launch that someone is going to be able to brag about in their next launch about selling $200,000 in one 24 hr period.

Sounds to me like someone took the saying “Build a silk purse out of sow’s ear” too literally. It also becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts too… create a mega launch get a bunch of super gurus to promote it and then you become a super guru also where you can promote THEIR mega launches also.

Have you ever thought about whether these “sellers” actually USE or even open and evaluate the stuff they are flogging?

Where do I sign up…?

I do know several “ethical” marketers… more on that in a bit and in a different area of this blog, so be sure to check on it… that DO actually BUY (no they do not use free promo copies), set up the system or actually do READ the report and then give an HONEST and straight up review and suggestion as to whether it is worth having as a product or tool. Watch for that coming up as you may be very surprised as to who is on that ethical marketing list…?

Two more “Top Ten Sneaky Marketing Tactics” to go so hope you will come back…


Self-employed designer, IT and home businessman that is tired of coughing up TONS of my hard earned money for junk, reworked old ebooks/PLR, programs and systems that DON'T work and a lot of worthless or outdated information. It is time to fight back and offer a bit of help to the newbie home worker/internet marketer to give them a bit of background information to help them sort out the poor choices from the successful ideas.