Welcome to Hot Internet Marketing Ideas…!

I’m going to be highlighting, reviewing and exposing the top hottest internet marketing ideas, systems, programs, software and methods that are happening NOW online.

I’ll bring you the good, the bad and the ugly and what to watch for, what to grab immediately, what to use, what to stay away from and above all… who you can trust!

That for me is a big one. 10 yrs of being fleeced and taken advantage, this newbie is no more a buying zombie that purchases every Tom/Dick/Harry’s product as soon as it comes out.

From this point forward I am being selective, listening to the right marketers and passing this valuable information on to the rest of you hard working internet marketing home business builders.

You’ll be surprised at what I find and the information that you can gleam from this blog. Stay tuned, plugged in and subscribe to get onboard as this is sure to be an informative and profitable ride.



Self-employed designer, IT and home businessman that is tired of coughing up TONS of my hard earned money for junk, reworked old ebooks/PLR, programs and systems that DON'T work and a lot of worthless or outdated information. It is time to fight back and offer a bit of help to the newbie home worker/internet marketer to give them a bit of background information to help them sort out the poor choices from the successful ideas.