What Are You Looking For…

Ok, here it is.

I don’t know what you are searching for in an online business but I really don’t want a lot.  I’m only looking to be able to replace my old “terminated” income of $42k, be able to work from anywhere  (see pic) and work 4-5 hrs max a day. Is that too much to ask for all the money that I’ve spent over the past 10 yrs??

Here I am sitting on a warm (not hot) beach in southern British Columbia, enjoying a bit of R & R doing what I love. What if I could be here and make a living while doing just that also? That would be preemo right?

Well give me a few more days and I’ll let u in on how I’m going to do just that.

Running my business from a beach


Self-employed designer, IT and home businessman that is tired of coughing up TONS of my hard earned money for junk, reworked old ebooks/PLR, programs and systems that DON'T work and a lot of worthless or outdated information. It is time to fight back and offer a bit of help to the newbie home worker/internet marketer to give them a bit of background information to help them sort out the poor choices from the successful ideas.